This is where the Author of the blog tells you about himself, but I think I’ll just talk about the blog.

I set this blog up because I am pretty tired of reading a lot of stuff, that in my opinion, does not challenge the Church to step up enough. However there are many controversial blogs and this is not one of them. The idea is to be ‘real’, share reflections and thoughts in a way that causes you to think about what we as Church are currently calling ‘Following Jesus’. For example, I recently read a christian organizations statement of faith and they held preaching the gospel above living a Christ like life…. I hope you can see what I mean here.

Apparently Augustine said ‘the Church is a whore, but she is still my mother’. I want to see this ugly bride looking beautiful again, bringing the Kingdom of God ready for Jesus!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, just discovered your blog and have found it very encouraging! I too yearn to have a ‘real’ faith. I worked in Christian youth work for roughly 10 years before getting a ‘normal’ job out in the world. I am now on the precipice of my return to Christian work (youth initially but developing into wider ministry.) I started ‘blogging’ my own thoughts and from reading your blogs it seems we might be on the same page – hopefully not an insult!

    Anyway I will be linking to your blog from mine now! I only get modest traffic but some of them might click your way…

    Thanks for standing up.


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