Blogging, how I fail at it and those that do not…

I’m not going to lie, I ain’t to0 good at the blogging thing…

Going by the blogs I dip into, it would seem, that to be a good blogger you must commit to at least one blogging session a week. It is fundamental to have a blogtastic timeout in the week to share with the world all the important things you are currently thinking about. Using this as a template…I am a pretty crap blogger.

I am joking of course, blogging shouldn’t be become a job – unless it is a job. Blogging is about expressing yourself, your thoughts when you want to, not because you have to! But as I haven’t written a blog in ages, I thought I would drop you some links of people I have been following (not literally) so that you too can enjoy their musings like I have. So here’s a few:


Jesus needs new PR is a guy called Matthew Turner and somehow finds all the oddest christian videos that enforce stereotypes and misunderstanding about the Christian faith. He also writes some great reflections and has a lot of banter with people. So if you want a laugh, or to be offended (depending on your own views), check this guy out!

Donald Miller is legend. Author of ‘Blue like Jazz’ and ‘a million miles in a thousand years’. His work is always well thought out, easily accessible, written from a compassionate heart but with clear convictions, yet not judgemental or arrogent. I think that he is one of the people out there in the ‘popular’ Christian world who isn’t out to please any particular group and is serious about Jesus. So he is a must read author!

John Birch is a cartoonist on a mission. I sometimes use his cartoons (not sure if I’m allowed to say this)  in my youth work, he is provocative and always brings into cartoon form the current issues of our lives. He can sometimes be really blunt but I like that about him, he is not pulling punches and wants to put across what he sees as real issues in and outside of the church, creatively. So he is worth a look.

Kurt Williams is a blogger I discovered through the realms of tweet. His blog is a good read and often stirs up some interesting discussions! The last blog of his I read was all about spiritual practices and reading it just gave me a real sense of hope, I am not alone! So another good read, he also looks like someone I know…just realised this…

Heather is my token female blogger. However she is anything but token, I just realised this blog was very male dominated and that I was forgetting this legend! Heather is just great. She is all about sharing thoughts and learning how to ‘grow up’ in the grace of God and in her most recent post she deals with what must have been a pretty rude and un-integral person, with the grace that she is striving for, so I endorse this lady to you and say, CHECK HER OUT – appropriately…

I think I will leave it there for now. Check out these people, follow them on twitter, ‘Test the spirits and hold on to the good’ (1thess 5:21) and grow in faith and wisdom.


•Image found at couldn’t find the copywrite, so I’m being honest 🙂


One thought on “Blogging, how I fail at it and those that do not…

  1. Thank you for the link back – I appreciate you kind words. :]
    I really enjoy your blog (when you get the chance to post). I hope you’ll be back at it sooner than later. :]
    Blessings to you!

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