Rebecca Black’s diary reflections on her weekend

A little reflection on current music culture. Rebecca Black has had 72,444,525 views to date and although she has  had 90% dislikes this song is worrying. The phrase ‘polishing a turd’ seems very relevant. What is this song, nothing against the girl, she’s young, but seriously, who produced this? who thought this would be a good thing for the world…

I tried to imagine how this song came about, here’s a snippet from her diary (that I made up).

Dear Diary,

So today was Friday and I had a lot of fun. so much fun. Fun fun fun!

The day started early as I had to get up as 7am to make sure I had adequate time to get my bowl and have some cereal. Everybody was rushing today, probably because its friday and they are looking forward to the weekend. The weekend is fun fun fun. I like fun.

Anyway so after making sure I had eaten my cereal I went to get the bus, but then my friends drove past in a flash car, I was a little concerned as we are only 16 years old and cannot legally be allowed to drive, but to be honest I was far more concerned about whether I should sit in the front seat or kick it in the back seat. After a quick analysis I realized that I didn’t really need to think about it to much because there was only one free seat, and that was in the back. So I jumped in and we all sang about how much we enjoyed the weekends, it really was fun fun fun, I like singing…

The day went pretty fast and before I knew it we were back in my friends parents car going to a party. Oh it was so much fun fun fun, we were partying partying partying yeh, so much fun with my friends, especially the friend that stuck to my right side for most of the night, I thought that was a bit odd, but hey she had fun and I had someone to hold my drink…

We then jumped back into the car and went for a ride. After a while we realized we were driving really fast and as none of us have a license we pulled over to the nearest beach, there was a party there too! So we joined in and I got so crazy, I must have drunk so much because I started trying to explain to everyone how the weekdays work. Looking back I was a bit patronizing, but people needed to know that before Friday there is Thursday and after Friday is Saturday; but most importantly then comes Sunday and that is the structure of the weekend.

I cannot wait till next weekend,

Love Rebecca x


What do you think about this song?

Is it a joke or a serious attempt by ARK MUSIC FACTORY to destroy the music industry?


3 thoughts on “Rebecca Black’s diary reflections on her weekend

  1. I have a confession — I was one of those said millions of viewers. Actually, I only watched about 75% of it, then x’d out of it.

    oh, and you forgot “we so excited” in the diary entry.
    Regardless though, that was epic. Thank you for the laugh this morning. 🙂

  2. The Times said it was the result of her parents paying some company to produce a music video for her, so it probably isn’t a joke.

    I followed your link and had a listen. It’s a car crash, and I don’t mean the result of allowing a group of twelve year olds out in their parents’ Merc…

    But having said that, a lot of modern music is a car crash.

    Where’s Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer when you need them?

    Hope the negative publicity doesn’t wreck her life though…

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