The ‘reason for the season’ should probably be the reason for the season…

It’s December 7th and with 17 days to go till Christmas, the tacky adverts are out, the santa propaganda is up, and we can no longer hold in our excitement about all the Christmas presents…wait…somethings missing…

When did this country really forget that Christmas time is only here because a baby was born 2000 years ago? …I hear the pagans shouting ‘It was our festival first!’…yeh it was (past tense), anyway Christmas was put on your festival BECAUSE pagans were turning to Jesus…not our fault you didn’t get the memo…MOVING ON!

I went to buy a birthday card the other week and I heard this old lady (making the shock worse) complaining about how a card saying ‘Seasons Greetings’ was to religious and then continued to explain the specifics of the card she was looking for: ‘I’m looking for CHRISTMAS cards without the religious bits’…I couldn’t believe how silly the whole conversation was! I felt like saying: ‘If you don’t want the religion then don’t celebrate a religious festival…’ of course I didn’t, she was very old and I thought she wasn’t far off meeting Jesus face to face anyhow…

What is Christmas without Christ?
But seriously…’Christmas with out the Religious bits’…A good speaker said recently that without Christ in Christmas, all your left with is MAS(S). He was Right. What is Christmas without Jesus other then an excuse to keep the economy running, get fat and justify getting rat arse’d. Why does society need an excuse to do that anyway. If they do maybe we could just make another date? we could call it: ‘Do-what-ever-the-hell-I-want-mas’…I could actually see that happening…bad idea J…

So what does it mean for you?
Anyhow, this is my way of ranting at you to think about what Christmas actually means for you. If your someone who believes in Jesus, then make sure you don’t get lost in the secular hype! (no i dont mean burn your santa suit)
Remember that Christmas is when the God that said ‘Bang’ and made everything, stepped onto the scene and brought us hope!
If your not a Christian…how on earth did you get to this blog?! (welcome though!) If you don’t believe then at least watch out that you don’t believe the hype that societies idea of Christmas brings…and know that this Christmas your not on Santa’s naughty or nice list, that guys long dead and the only santa bringing you presents is your family…BUT your on Gods love list! You are really loved by this God and this God is so interested in you and your life!

Enjoy the holiday’s, get a nice egg nog latte and read something that will enlighten this season for you (may I suggest Luke’s Gospel)

Much love!


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