The not so well know Easter story…

Ever thought about what would happen if you asked your young people to write their own Easter stories? I did and I must admit some of them are pretty funny!

Here is one of the best:

The Mean Egg by CP

There was once a little Easter egg,
who hated all the other Easter eggs.
But then Jesus raised from the dead
and told him to like other Easter eggs.
The little Easter egg trusted Jesus,
So he made friends with all the other Easter Eggs.

So whats Easter really all about? Eggs, Jesus, Nothing?

Well I don’t know about you but for me Easter is a really special event. It can be seen as a really sad story but at the same time it is an amazing picture of Love. When I eat my egg I think about what the egg really represents. We actually have Easter eggs because an egg is an example of NEW LIFE! Jesus came back to life on Easter day all those years ago to bring new life to everyone! Because of Jesus we have new life, we get to be us, but the best us! Jesus took away all the dirt we get covered in whilst walking through life, guilt, shame, pain, in Jesus it is all gone! AMAZING.

So this Easter when your eating your eggs and feeling a bit sick, take a break and think about what that egg of chocolate-ly goodness actually means…



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