Tacky Boxers…


I’m sat in Starbucks drinking my usual Caramel Latte with skimmed milk (so i can justify the extra syrup), I take a sip, and I feel ready for the day. Little did i know what was to come…My good friend Dan comes in and we together enjoy the joys of Starbucks but then it all ends. This lad strolls in, trousers low (im ok with that bit), but hes wearing the most tacky boxers I’ve ever seen, seriously. Off white (by which i mean dirty) with kisses all over them. I look at my mate and I’m pretty sure we were both thinking…’What are those?!’. Anyway we continue our conversation and return to our Caramel drizzle.

A little later, during my 3rd skimmed latte I got to thinking, isn’t that just a great example of western culture, We live for the tacky boxers. Is it just me or do we love standing out? The trouble is were all doing the same thing, there is nothing new under the sun as one wise-ish man once said. I remember wearing a similar pair of boxers in my youth (the earlier part) and thinking about how good it must look and I would wear them proudly, not to the extent this guy must have, seriously he looked normal…but those boxers were dirty…really dirty. But anyway back to the point. Why do we care so much about what other people think of us?

I think I’m just ranting here, but maybe this is a helpful thought, clothe yourself in something more substantial then a pair of funky boxers 🙂


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