Re-seed your dead patches

In a time of relfection, when you fully stop worrying about what you need to do and just be, God speaks. What God can say however is not always pretty, the images you are given may not be of a beautiful view. God is an honest God.

Today i saw a garden.
In this garden was grass. lots of it. but not all of it was alive.

Look at the dead patches of grass, that is yours, they are your dirty secrets, your failures, your weaknesses. They are not what i intend for you, let me dig that up and plant new seed. Let me renew your roots.

I don’t often (if ever) get images like this, but then again, i don’t often stop…

So a challenge to the ‘millions’ reading this…Spot the dead grass and ask God to plant new seed, to renew you. God is about restoring us to the image of Him he intended, nothing dead stays dead with God.




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