Don’t put your ladder on the wrong wall..

Ok so I am not a professional, I have a professional title thanks to a degree but i am not a professional. I say this at the beginning so all those career driven professionals know that I am not speaking from that perspective.

Someone once said they spent their whole life climbing the ladder of success only to discover that their ladder was leaning on the wrong wall! What a profound statement! We live in a culture where we actually believe we are called to make money and write lists…where did that come from?! There are two stories we should look at, 1st is the rich young ruler (Luke 18) and the other is Mary and Martha (Luke 10).

One day a rich man comes up to Jesus and asks him what he has to do to get the ticket into Gods family. Jesus and the Man talk and the mans answers are riddled with self achievement. The rich man thought he had it all sorted. He could tick off the commandments and recite scripture. Yet to Jesus this wasn’t what Jesus was looking for. He asked the rich man to ‘sell everything and give to the poor…’. Now i am not saying that this is a message to all of us…just the gist of it. What God looks for in people is righteous living not self righteous acts. If you have money, that’s amazing, what a blessing…but if your life is structured around it and you make decisions based on your bank account…you have left God out of the equation…Good luck with that.

The Second Story is about two ladies, one who was focused on the party and all that needed to be done and the other on the guest. Martha (Lady 1) was running round sorting stuff out and preoccupied with the practical bits and bobs on her list but her sister Mary (Lady 2) was just spending time with Jesus ignoring all that ‘needed’ to be done. As we know Martha then moans about Mary and Jesus replies to her saying ‘”Martha, dear Martha, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it—it’s the main course, and won’t be taken from her.” (v.41-42)

Our job is to sit at the feet of Jesus and follow his example. The rich man and Martha was of the same kingdom, though they didn’t think it. Both were products of the world and it’s logic sturcturing their lives around achievment, tick boxes and success. Both their ladders were on the wrong wall. What about yours?

See Gods call to the Christian is not to go to church on Sunday, to read your bible everyday, pray prayers or be successful. We often think it is and yeh sure those things are important parts of our life, but they are not the crux. God asked the rich man to look after the poor. Now it would be another blog to look at who the poor are, but in a summary…people in need are the poor and helping them is not donating a few pound a month…it’s making ourselves uncomfotable to help them. It’s giving our socializing money, our time, our comforts…Bit of a challenge ay?

Well this blog is way to long so i’ll just finish now by saying: Are you leaning on the Worlds wall or a Kingdom wall? Do not let your decisions be based on your assets. Base them on Jesus. Don’t make decisions based on the words of the successful but on the homeless, poor, outcasted and those that do not fit the Worlds mould. (hmmm i just described Jesus…funny that)





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